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John Goebel
Chief Executive Officer

Neoh Guat Khim
Head of Marketing and Innovation

JouWen Lee
Regional Sales Director

The company will provide the following services:

High quality & Well documented Probiotics

● Clinically studied strains
● Pre-clinically studied strains
● Single active & customer specific probiotic blends

Regulatory Support

● Dossier preparation for product registration
● Stability programs, including strenuous Zone4b regions

Technical Support

● Product conceptualisation
● Custom-made formulations
● Ready to market formulations
● Technical inquiries

Clinical Trial Support

● In-house laboratories in Europe and Asia
● Set-up, organise & coordinate clinical trials in the region
● R&D
● Quality compliance / certification with ISO accreditation

Commercialisation Support

● Finished product solutions
● Ready to market product
● Localised marketing
● Product launch training and conferences in the region
● Market expansion advice